Madison Unicyclists is committed to building opportunities for youth to learn how to unicycle.  A regular open gym is held at community centers where participation and viewing is open to the public.  Additional opportunities are being offered at area schools.  As unicycling is a difficult activity, the programs teach valuable life skills such as persistence, focus, team work, and belief in oneself as the keys to success.

Our club members also participate in a number of activities, like group distance rides, mountain unicycling, etc. These are organized separately from our programming below. You can learn about these on our activities page.

Click through to our various types of programming below to learn more.

Community programs

We have regular community practices which are open to the public, along with demos and performances for community outreach.

School Programs

MadUni also has a number of programs at schools around Madison.

Summer Camp

MadUni also hosts week long summer camps are held for newer and advanced riders to work on skills, make friends, and gain exposure to the wider unicycling world.