A central value of the Madison Unicyclists is fostering our unicycling community – enhancing communications, connections, and celebrations. We want to encourage and welcome new riders and families, along with our returning riders.

To that end, we have established a tradition of fun get-togethers. A time when kids and adults interact and celebrate not just unicycling moments, but each other. Details are shared in newsletters and on social media.

The Fall Kickoff is held in early fall, usually the first practice in October, to kickoff community gym sessions for the new school year. We look forward to enjoying ice cream treats and socializing with new and familiar faces.

The Annual Meeting is held in mid-winter, usually in late-February, to recognize the riding and leadership accomplishments of the organization and individual riders. Our Annual Awards are given out at this event. Fun activities include unicycle games, hockey, and awards.

The Summer Picnic is held the last day of advanced camp at a lakeside backyard, usually late-June. Kids swim and play games, adults join in, and everyone has a delicious meal and relaxing time together.

The NAUCC send-off is held just before the North American Unicycling Competition and Convention, usually early July. It includes performances by individual competitors, the Junior Team, and Freestyle Team, and a celebration afterwards.