Learning to unicycle can be quite difficult but it teaches valuable life skills such as persistence, focus, team work, and belief in oneself as the keys to success. Plus it’s super fun!

The best way to learn in to come to a free community practice, or join your school program. We have lots of experience teaching kids and adults to ride!

It takes the average rider around 15 to 20 hours of total practice to be able to ride on their own. Said another way, if you practice most days a week for 30 minutes to an hour a day, it will take you about a month to be able to ride totally on your own. In our experience, learning with an experienced teacher will cut that time in half.

When learning, we recommend wearing athletic shoes with a flat sole, non-baggy clothing, and longer shorts or pants. Loose clothing can get caught on the unicycle and very short shorts can be uncomfortable on the saddle. Some riders like to wear a helmet while learning, however MadUni does not require it; injuries while learning are rare. (Helmets are recommended for all outdoor activities on roads and trails.)

If you’re interested in learning to unicycle, then you may be looking into purchasing a unicycle. We have advice for where and what to buy and we strongly recommend you read it!

Once you’ve learned how to ride a unicycle, the next step for many riders is to work on the skills in the USA Skill Levels.