Welcome to the website of unicycle enthusiasts from the greater Madison, WI area. If you’re interested in finding out about our most current projects, or if you’d like to get more information about riding with us, please see our calendaryouth programs, and membership pages or contact us.

Would you like to begin unicycling, but not sure where to start? Please see our links for a broader picture of the unicycling world (organizations, fun links, and amazing videos).

Madison Unicyclists are interested in promoting and fostering support and interest in the healthy, wholesome activity of unicycling among youth in the area.  Our activities support learning opportunities by providing equipment and instruction in all facets of unicycling and to give public demonstrations of unicycling with the intention of inspiring youth to learn how to unicycle and to improve the skills of the participants and to contribute to the community.

Looking to by a new unicycle? Be sure to check out the info on the Links page and contact us if you’re not sure what to get.

Click here for more information about the July 2015 unicycling competition and convention in Madison.