About Us

Madison Unicyclists have regular community practices and programs at schools around Madison. If you want to join the club, or simply want to get a better idea of what we do, join us at our next practice, which can be found on the calendar page. All community practices are open to the public; we love having newcomers show up!


Madison Unicyclists are interested in promoting and fostering support and interest in the healthy, wholesome activity of unicycling among youth in the area. Read our full mission statement.

Annual Meetings & Awards

Activities, school program reports, member and school awards (like most improved) and the USA Level standing of our riders can be found in our Annual Meeting Reports from 2020 (most recent), 2019, 2018, 201720162015201420132012, and on our awards page.

History & Organization

You can learn more about our organization’s governance and history in this document.

Board of Directors

To get in touch with any of the people below, head over to our contact page.

Board Member Coordinators

  • School Programs Coordinator: Jenni Wolfe
  • Community Program Coordinator: Cindy Spetz
  • Activities Coordinator: David Panofsky

Other Board Members

  • Youth Leadership Director: Patricia Wilton
  • Membership Director: Shannon Sparks
  • Equipment Director: Kevin Coleman
  • Communications Director (webmaster): Scott Wilton

Executive Board Members

  • President: Ann O’Brien
  • Vice President: Erin Schoenecker
  • Treasurer: Craig Schoenecker
  • Secretary: Tom Cichosz
  • Programs Director: Jill Cohan