Youth Programs

Madison Unicyclists is committed to building opportunities for youth to learn how to unicycle.  A regular open gym is held at community centers where participation and viewing is open to the public.  Additional opportunities are being offered at area schools.  As unicycling is a difficult activity, the programs teach valuable life skills such as persistence, focus, team work, and belief in oneself as the keys to success. Unicycles will be available for use during the open community sessions at the Goodman Center and at the school programs. Membership in Madison Unicyclists is encouraged.

Contact and further information is listed below.

Community Programs

Practices and Events – contact Karin Johnson. Youth are encouraged to learn to ride and also demonstrate unicycling and inspire others to join in the fun. See the calendar for schedule and details.

Goodman Community Center –   contact Karin Johnson with questions or just come to the Goodman Center. Always check the calendar for a schedule of practices here.  During the summer, riding is outdoors and will be listed on the calendar also.

Sun Prairie CHUMS –   contact Karin Johnson with questions. Always check the calendar for a schedule of practices here.

Lussier Community Center –   contact Jill Cohan with questions.


Summer Camp – contact Patricia Wilton. Week long summer camps are held for beginner and advanced riders to work on skills, make friends, and gain exposure to the wider unicycling world.

Muni: David Panofsky
Cyclocross: Carl Ham
Freestyle Team: Patricia Wilton
USA Board Members: Jill Cohan, David Panofsky
IUF Board Member: Scott Wilton

School Programs

Marquette/O’Keeffe school group – contact Jill Cohan. Each Friday elementary and middle school students are invited to join experienced and beginner riders in the O’Keefe field house for practice from 2:40-4:00pm. This is currently the biggest after school group with over 25 riders. Neighborhood riders also ride to school most days.

Sandburg school group  – contact Jenni Wolfe.  The group meets once a week for an hour after school on Tuesdays during “Open School House.” There are currently over 15 riders in the program.

Shorewood school group – contact Phillip Edmonds.  The group meets after school on Thursdays with about 20 regular riders.

Van Hise/Hamilton school group – contact Tim Connell.

Lapham school group – contact Juan Losada.

Nuestro Mundo school group – contact Brian Anderson.