• An online unicycle vender. We strongly suggest that you email us before you buy. We have lots of experience with buying the wrong unicycle or part and can steer you in the correct direction.
  • The Cargo Bike Shop The best place in town to buy unicycles. The shop is also a dealer for and can save you the cost of shipping!
  • IUF – The International Unicycling Federation’s home page.
  • USA – The Unicycling Society of America’s home page.
  • IUF Levels – The official unicycling skill levels as defined by the IUF.
  • Unicycle Skill Videos – Videos of almost any skill that you can imagine, and a few that you can’t.
  • Unicyclist Community – Unicycling forums in which you can learn many things, buy or sell a unicycle or parts, and make many friends.

Photos and Videos

Also, a good place to start looking for unicycling videos is to search YouTube for “Kris Holm”, “Max Schulze”, or “Eli Brill”. Check out a video of Madison local, Martin Panofsky.

Just For Fun

  • Joke IUF Levels – If you get these jokes, you know that you have spent too much time on unicycling websites.
  • Things not to do (on a unicycle) – These are just a suggested list, if you do any of these things be sure to take a picture.