Madison Unicycle Equipment Co-op

The Board of Madison Unicyclists is exploring a different model for handling the equipment aspects of our organization in order to better support the school programs and more widely offer a full range of unicycling equipment to the people of Madison. A unicycle equipment co-op in Madison could be established to act as a dealer, distributor, and clearinghouse of new, used, rental, and lender unicycles to support the growth of unicycle school programs and all ages of novice and experienced riders in Madison.

We’re reaching out to people in the Madison community who would be possibly interested in joining the volunteer startup team in making the new unicycle co-op a reality. We’re looking for people who might be interested in volunteering leadership for this endeavor, partnering with our friendly unicycle community.

The acquisition and management of equipment will be the “bottleneck” to growth of the unicycling school programs, and it would be good to keep costs low and profits within the community. Unicycling is a super activity for all kids, not just kids of privilege, and adults can learn as their winter biking alternative, perfect core workout, or next fun athletic challenge. This is a locally based, not-for-profit, healthy effort to add fun and opportunity to our community.

If you are interested reading more, read this overview document.

If you are interested in being a part of the co-op, please fill out our interest form: