There are several different levels of membership. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to become a member of the Madison Unicyclists. Questions about membership can be sent to Shannon Sparks. Membership fees for 2016 apply from January 1st to August 31st.

Initial Member: $0

Anyone in a Madison Unicyclists sponsored school program is automatically an Initial Member and can have a MadUni t-shirt. In addition to school practices, these members are welcome at the practices at Goodman C.C. 

Active Member: $40/individual or $70/family*

In addition to gym practices, these members are able to participate in off-site activities. A Unicycling Society of America (USA) membership and insurance is included in this fee as well a MadUni t-shirt. 

Scholarships are available for youth eligible for free/reduced-price lunch. 

Supporting Member: Suggested minimum donation of $20

Alumni, grandparents, non-riders, unicycle lovers, promoters of healthy activities for kids and families… Anyone can be a supporting member of Madison Unicyclists. Your donation is tax deductible and will continue to keep the club moving forward one wheel at a time.

Drop In Rider

In addition to gym practices, these members are able to participate in off-site activities. A Suggested donation of $5 for non-members who participate in practices at Goodman C.C. or Cardinal Heights U.M.S. If the Drop In Rider becomes an Active Member within thirty days of attending their first practice, this donation can be applied to the Active Member fee. 

* Madison Unicyclists membership fees go towards gym rental and maintaining club unicycles. We encourage all members to contribute additional donations beyond the minimum stated fees to help the club grow. Together we make the Madison Unicyclists work and volunteer commitment is expected, both from adults and active youth members.

Membership can be sent in using our New Membership Form.