About Us

Mission Statement

Madison Unicyclists are interested in promoting and fostering support and interest in the healthy, wholesome activity of unicycling among youth in the area. Our activities support learning opportunities by providing equipment and instruction in all facets of unicycling and to give public demonstrations of unicycling with the intention of inspiring youth to learn how to unicycle and to improve the skills of the participants and to contribute to the community.

Demonstrations and performances

Promoting our youth programs, the Madison Unicyclists have performed in Celebrating Youth, the MadFest Extravaganza, Goodman Community Center Events, Orton Park Festival, Willy Street Fair, Mt. Horeb’s Wild Rumpus Circus, and at Madison’s Henry Vilas Zoo. Some riders also compete nationally and internationally. We are proud to be the home club of several national champions and a five-time world champion.

News Articles

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Member Awards and Annual Meeting Reports

Activities, school program reports, member and school awards (like most improved) and the USA Level standing of our riders can be found in our 2012 Annual Meeting minutes2013 Annual Meeting minutes, and 2014 Annual Meeting minutes.

Coordinators and Officers:

Please contact us if you would like to reach any of these coordinators or officers.

Board Minutes

Please contact us if you are interested in reading our past meeting minutes.